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Premium Online Training With Team Round
As a coach my main goal in life is to get you to achieve your goals and understand WHY you don’t have the body, mind or physical strength NOW that you wish you always did and explain how we will get you there.

I don’t beat around the bush and expect my clients to work hard, be committed and respect the knowledge and education I am giving them. I don’t aim to just get you to the body of your dreams but I aim to set you up for LIFE.

When you join my premium online coaching program, my aim is to help you change your mindset, attitude, strength and value in your self worth.
Below are Your Training Options to Join us For Our Premium Online Training Program With Alice Round

I cannot wait for you to join us in one of our premium online programs at Team Round. Below you will find all of the information you need to know about our premium, intermediate and maintenance programs.

Customised Premium Level Coaching With Team Round
We highly recommend this service for all NEW clients to coaching services and any form of online coaching. Having both nutrition and training is the best for guaranteeing results.
As part of the premium package you will receive the highest level of online coaching to achieve your goals. You will be coached for online nutrition and or training program's and advice or as per package selected.

Its not only up to the coach but the client, as a client you must submit weekly reports and be consistent to have me give feedback and give change where required.
This is a great option if you have any injuries or major health concerns and really need to change your life and have that support with you the whole way. Its more than just physical coaching at this level its also mental and emotional, really learn how to create habits to set you up for life and invest in your health.

We guarantee results at this service and know you wont regret it!
What you will receive: (depending on package option)
  • Customised nutritional/macro and supplement plans when required
  • Meal plans for some services if required 
  • 1:1 Coaching calls with Alice and her team 
  • Customised training program's and updates when required 
  • Periodised training programs 
  • Cardiovascular program's, core program's and training tips, as required and via a private group forum 
  • Weekly Email check ins PLUS email replies within 48 hours
  • Email updates, progress report and any changes required weekly or monthly 
  • Once per month 15 minutes skype/phone call can be arranged and booked – this is the clients responsibility to book 
  • Assistance in goal setting and tailoring training and nutrition to hit your goals 
  • Client report forms, measurement details, food and exercise trackers 
  • Meal planning assistance, recipe ideas and tips 
  • Access to full videos and membership site inclusive
Look forward to meeting you on the other side!
Alice Round
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